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1998Abbey, Amanda
2:37:20 PM
I was just wondering around the net tonight, and thought I'd say Hello...Not much happening around here....Bye


1998aka Katie Anderson, Bill the Great
3:10:08 PM
Well, after dropping out of college two years ago I went underground. I forged my way up the totem pole at Little Caesars and was fortunate enough to meet the big man, Mr. I himself. Then, I became an entrepreneur, peddling expensive coffee and homemade goodness at way too low a profit. So, I closed up shop and returned to the bump and grind of the pizza life. Then, I decided to go back to school to learn how to get paid to do what I love: Entertain people. So, I start at Rochester College in Rochester Hills, MI in less than three weeks to study media and theatre. It shall be a most triumphant time.

1998Angle, Angela
Sep 5, 2005
Well I figured it was time to update this since it has been almost 2 years since the last time I did. I'm currently at U of M, and I have one semester left to go (after the current one of course). I go to school full time, I work full time, and I'm doing my internship at HealthPlus of Michigan. My major is Healthcare Administration. I hope to some day be an executive in either a hospital, nursing home, or insurance company. After I graduate I'll be enrolling in graduate school here at U of M, and getting my masters in either Business Administration, or Public Administration. Not really sure yet. I am still with my boyfriend of 5 years (whom I met when I was away at SVSU). No kids, no pets, nothing of that sort. Well it would really be nice if everyone would update themselves more frequently, I do enjoy reading about everyones lives. So for anyone who remembers me, or anyone who doesn't that wants to email me, go for it. emaill: Yahoo ID anjelaa80

1998Bachand, Katie
5:27:01 PM
Hey everyone. I graduated from Michigan Tech last May with a BA in Scientific and Technical Communication and I work for Dow Chemical in Midland. I enjoy the real world, but I am looking into graduate school.Noone could "find" me for the reunion, so I didn't go, even though I have been at the same school for the past four years. interesting. Hope everyone is doing well. email me at

1998(Butler) Barning, Mary
Aug 22, 2006
I graduated in 2004 from Oakland University with a degree in Human Resources Development. I'm currently working as a CSA doing payroll and benefits for GM contractors at a company called Aerotek. I got married in October 2005 in the Virgin Islands to my longtime beau, Paul. We bought a house in Oxford that we share with our cat, Zappa and our two dogs, Buckley and Scooter.

1998Behrenbrinker, Jennie
12:28:44 PM
Hey everybody! I'm up here at Central Michigan and I'm having a BLAST!! I can't wait for Spring Break!!!! Well that's about all I have to say. FIRE UP CHIPS!!!!

1998Bell, Jen
Aug 13, 2004
I graduated from Ferris State University in May 2002 with a BS in Television and Digital Media Production. I am currently working for DaimlerChrysler Studios in Troy, MI, where I do the programming for DCTV (DaimlerChrysler Television) as well as assist producers and close-caption features. I am currently working and training to become a producer! I live in Troy with my boyfriend, George (whom I met at Ferris back in 2001). We just bought a house in March and are doing great. Email me at if you'd like! Sounds like everyone is doing pretty well!!

1998Bischoff, Beth
6:21:04 PM
Well, once I got my diploma from East I got the h*ll out of there! I moved to Troy and worked at William Beaumont Troy for 5 years as an administrative assistant. I left there last year and I'm now in nursing school working towards neonatal nursing. I live in Wyandotte (yes it's in Michigan) with my boyfriend, soon to be fiance. I'm working as a nanny while I go to school and most free time is spent trying to fix my house. Little tip, fixer uppers aren't as much fun as once thought.

1998Bollman, Angela
Dec 15, 2007
What a ride it has been!!! Let's see, after East, I moved to Ohio to go to the University of Findlay intending to major in Western Equestrian and Pre-Vet...but that only worked out for a year and then I was offered a job training horses in Indiana. Did that and worked numerous other jobs, ended up pregnant and now I'm back in Attica!!! My son is 2 years old, I live at mom and dad's right now cuz it's convenient, and my dad and I own 3 businesses together in Lapeer...L.A. Taxi, L.A. Transportation, and A.M.R. Properties! My son and I are busy all the time, he's pretty much my entire life. He's always in some kind of activity somewhere, and now he wants to play hockey!!! Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and if you ever want to give me a shout my email is

1998Bracy, Dan
8:15:35 PM
Hello everyone! It is nice to see that everyone is doing well. I graduated from the University of Michigan - Flint with a degree in Computer Science. I now work for a company called Misys Healthcare Systems where I travel throughout the Detroit area to hospitals and doctor's offices fixing and maintaining their computer networks. I have also recently moved into a house I bought in Romulus. I live about 5 minutes from Detroit Metro Airport now.

1998Braschayko, Brenda
Jul 5, 2006
Graduated from Michigan State with my degree in Horticulture/ Landscape Design. I am a horticulturist at a private country club in Bloomfield Hills, MI. I LOVE my job! I am also finding time to do wedding flowers and flowers for private parties on the side. I will be launching my website winter 2006 so stay tuned...... Life is good.

1998Bryan, Austin
12:19:15 PM
Hello all. After kicking butt in high school chemistry, I decided to continue my dominant ways at Michigan Tech. This summer has been fun. I've been working at Meijer keepin the money coming in to help pay for my new Z28 Camaro. I've also been reading quite a bit about finer points of quantum physics. Well I hope to talk to all of you later, for the next week I'll be taking it easy reading, studying, and puffing on cloves.

1998Buckley, Bobby
5:58:30 PM
Whatz up. How has everyone been. I'm doing real well. I am currently working for a company called Cost Co. This is a warehouse just like Sams club. It has had it's moments. It is located in Auburn Hills. I have met a lot of the Detriot Pistons and Lions working here. Kid Rock I have also met. But none compare to the one and only Pamela Lee Anderson. I am now living in Charter Oaks in Davison. I couldn't stand boring Lapeer. So if you wanna holla give me a call(810)658-0880 have no kids yet and don't plan on it well intell next time.

1998Cardinal, Andrea
Jan 10, 2008
I'm currently in grad school at Cranbrook Academy of Art (2D) and working as a freelance graphic designer, mostly for the Detroit Institute of Arts. I got married in October in Detroit, where my husband and I live. We're trying to fit in a few more trips abroad (Germany and Poland, Mexico) before next year, when we would like to start a family. Right now, school and our pets keep me very busy!

1998Charnley, Jason
12:28:28 PM
Playing football an Kalamazoo college and trying to keep up with the work. I am studying to become a dentist

1998Coon, Kristie
Feb 27, 2006
I finished my master's in counseling psychology last May and now I am working on my PhD, focusing on career indecision. Currently, I am working as a career counselor, conducting vocational research, and teaching freshmen courses at Southern Illinois University. Only 1 more year to go in Carbondale, Illinois, and then I will be on internship somewhere in the Midwest. After that, I hope to be an administrator at a university. I bought a house 2 years ago, and I have had a lot of fun fixing that up. For fun, I like to visit St. Louis and spend time with my Dutch model boyfriend and my best friend Master J.

1998Couzens, Jamie
May 26, 2009
I am currently still living in Chicago where I work as an Executive Suites Manager at the United Center. I actually got to meet Michael Jordan this past week and have loved that I get to be here for all the Play-off games (Go Wings) and Concerts! If you are ever in Chicago, look me up at or try me on facebook.

1998Curtis, Dave
12:56:45 PM
I am currently going to school at U of M - Flint. I am majoring in a Bachelors of Applied Science in Computer Science, with a Math minor and Business Minor, which I may double major in business and computer science. I am currently working at the Academic Advising Center for the University. Last summer I did an internship of my own initiative at General Motors - Pontiac East Assembly, where I worked on implementation of ISO 9002, focused on the fourth door Silverado Pilot Vehicles and noted body shop issues such as door fits, good welds, possible problematic scenarios for the new production vehicle on the old assembly line, and I also did minor supervision. Next summer, I am going back to PEA as a supervisor or I will work in Internal Systems Support or ISS. I have currently recieved 34 credits of a 164 credit program and I plan to graduate with my degrees in the winter of 2003, and possibly move on to a graduate school.

1998Czinski, Aarin
Feb 8, 2006
Hello! Its great to see what everyone's been doing! Where has the time gone - whats all this 10 yr reuion talk?!! I'm living in Crested Butte, Colorado, working for the Mayor, at a mountain guiding/avalanche center, and part time in a ski shop (pass job). Trying to learn the art of not falling while telemark skiing. I get to see Marissa once in a while, I'd love to hear from anyone else- If you're headed out this way, please look me up! Take Care

1998D'Amico ll, Mariano
12:26:50 PM
Currently I am going to Oakland Community College for computer information systems. Also I am working at Burlington Coat Factory at the Great Lakes Crossings mall.

1998Debus, Danielle
Nov 22, 2006
Hello Everybody~ It has been a long time and recently a friend sent me this link. Thanks Brenda!! Life has had ups & downs for the last 8 years. I graduated from U of M-Flint with a degree in Communication and an emphasis in Business. Two years after graduating college I was diagnosed with Papillary Thyroid Cancer, while my mother was diagnosed with second round breast cancer. It was an emotional & devastating year but we both overcame our obstacles and kicked cancer is the arse.. I don't regret having it because it has given me a different point of view on life. Live everyday like it is your last & not to sweat the small stuff. If you or anybody you know is ever diagnosed with this disease feel free to contact me. I am here for your support or is a great resource. I am a proud 4yr. cancer survivor!! I am currently working in the Marketing industry in the Southfield area. I love my job and it varies everyday. I live in Ferndale and enjoy living in the city. My typical weekend consists of hanging out with friends, spending time with my boyfriend, & spending time with my family. Life is good... I recently took up Vinyasa Yoga as a new hobby. It is very challenging but I love it!! If you want to get a hold of me contact me at . I hope to see all of you soon at our 10yr. reunion. Later~ Danielle

1998DeNeen, Joseph
Jun 28, 2008
Time for an update I suppose. I have a BA in social science from UM-Flint, mainly because I enjoy the topic more so than any career ambitions. After all, I work for Northwest Airlines at Bishop International Airport as a glorified "baggage handler." We are union - IAM -- and I quite enjoy the atmosphere, my coworkers and the work. Plus, I can't complain too much when we can lounge on couches watching cable or movies, or lift weights, for a couple hours waiting for the next flight. I also work occasionally for my cousin Danny's business, Grinnell Timeline Productions, as an all-purpose assistant, but primarily as a videographer standing for ungodly amounts of time behind a video camera filming events for Lapeer Community Schools, such as East, West and Zemmer band and choir concerts, Swing Out or graduations. We've filmed rock concerts and other non-school events too, even made a short movie last Fall, which you can view on <a href="">YouTube</a>. So if you happen to see me out and about, feel free to say Hi. Peace.

1998Dittrich, John
9:13:03 AM
Since I was not able to make it to the reunion I figured I might as well update this. This summer I am working in Paradise Michigan. I am living on a mile and half of beach frontage. It is awesome. The job is pretty cool and laid back. I am banding birds, monitoring an endangered specis, doing some veg surveys, and a small mammal census. It is great. I have a lot of time to fish in the afternoons and evenings. The wildlife up here is out of this world. I will finally be finished with school next year. It has taken a while but I am glad that I have gone through MOST of the experiences that I have. Everyone knows that there are always those one or two things you'd do differently, but hey luckily it appears that part is long gone! It is amazing how much more focused one can be when any unneeded distractions are taken away. I will probably be in town once in July and once in August. Hope all goes well for yah til then.

1998Dube, David
10:21:25 AM
It is 1:06am. I'm drinking orange juice and procrastinating on a report thats due tomorrow. I don't know how I ended up here.

1998Elzerman, Jill
5:44:45 AM
Wow, I haven't looked at this stuff in a long time! I'm still here at U of M as a french horn major, but I am seriously considering transfering after this year to major in music ministry at a Christian school somewhere. Other than that--things are pretty normal! Dan and I are still going strong. No specific dates set...yet! I'm playing in the University Philharmonic Orchestra this semester, and I have a big solo at the next concert, so I am very happy about that. I'm still very involved with Campus Crusade for Christ--I'm leading a Bible study in my dorm this year. It makes for a busy schedule, but I guess that's the way my life always is! Ok, I really have to go now. It's getting late! Send me email!

1998Ernst, Brian
2:37:46 PM

1998(Fox) Farkas, Melanie
Nov 7, 2007
I am updating this because as Jeremy Moran noted, in my 2005 post, I said too many people were married. And now I am married. Crazy. Anyway, I got hitched in July in Lapaeer. I am now about to move from Knoxville, TN to Columbus, OH to work at WBNS as a news producer.

1998(Chou) Flynn, Nichole
Feb 19, 2007
I am still teaching middle school in Saint Clair - I love it! I will be finished with my masters in May! Jeff is back in school to become a teacher. No kids...(everyone's favorite question) :)Life is good-email me anytime.

1998Fox, Heather
Sep 27, 2005
It's so nice to see such great updates from everyone, congrats! In the last month, I graduated from Physician Assistant school, got married, went to Venezuela, moved to Ann Arbor, passed my boards, and am now an officially licenced PA. I start my job at UM Hospital in one week, but until then, am a tad bit bored, along with being nervous. In all seriousness, I'm just excited to finally get a paycheck! That will certainly help with tuition, as my husband (eek!) just started the MBA program at UM. Good luck to everyone - adios!

1998(Martin) Gentsch, Elizabeth
Jul 2, 2006
Hello everyone! I didn't realize this site was here until lastnight when I was having dinner with Mary Avelar (Rewa) and Kara Lambourn (Houghtaling). It's pretty neat! The years have flown by but it seems like there are so many different things to look forward to. I married in June of 2005 to my wonderful husband, Brad. We have been together for eight years and I must say married life is WONDERFUL! I attended OU for a little while but transferred to Davenport University to be closer to home. I graduated with my Bachelors in Human Resource Management. I have been working in the human resource field as a Senior Staffing Consultant for the past 4.5 years. We have lived in the Davison area for just over two years now. We are currently building our first house and expect to move in within the next two weeks. We are looking forward to owning our first home:) No kids yet but we do plan on having a couple at some point in time, just not anytime soon. It's good to see everyone is doing well. Take care!

1998gidelski, david
6:37:08 AM
i go to school and hang out with joe luea and brent houghton i go to mott right now and i am going to oakland next year i am going to play football there they want me as a quarter back so i guess i have to go and follow my calling. I really miss all the people that never talked to me i really wish that i had alot me friends.

1998Gorsline, Autumn
Mar 9, 2008
Just moved to Maine.

1998(Heiser) Gorsline, Nina
Jun 1, 2006
Wow, it's been 7 years since I've updated this information! Let's see...still living in Lapeer. I was in advertising sales for the last 4 years and just recently decided to switch "careers". I know work in a salon and am loving it. Last June I got married to a wonderful guy, Nate Gorsline (graduated in '96, and yes, Autumn is now my sister-in-law). We have no kids yet because we have three dogs that take up ALL of our time! Maybe I'll run into some of you around town....take care!

1998(Christie) Greenwald, Kelly
Jan 12, 2006
Since high school I have lived mainly in the area. I went to college for awhile. On September 30th, 2000 I married my highschool sweetheart, Matt Greenwald. We both work with each other and find it enjoyable. We just bought a house in Lapeer on an acre of land and enjoying gardening. All the math teachers would be proud that in my job I work with numbers, without mistakes!!

1998(Bischoff) Gridley, Beth
Sep 27, 2007
I'm happily married and living in California near Sacramento. I spent some time living in Florida, then Uncle Sam chose California for our next living assignment. My husband is a member of the US Airforce and it looks like Korea may be in our future. We're getting geared up to start our family, probably in the next year, and when he's out of the military we will probably settle down around Virginia. For now I'm working in the ER at the local hospital and will put the career on hold when the babies are born to be a stay at home mommy.

1998Hamilton, Kelly
Jan 13, 2008
Well I finally graduated from nursing school last may. Kelly (my partner) and I bought a house in Holland MI. We are currently just working and looking after our dogs. I'm going back for my BSN in September. We are starting for kids soon. That's about all you didn't want to know so...

1998(Braidwood) Hawkins, Krystal
Mar 6, 2007
Okay, I was reading through these and thought it was time to do a little renovation to my entry. So here it goes! The last 4 1/2 years I have been an instructor at the Battle Creek Outdoor Education Center, and I have loved it. This might be partly because I met my husband,Matt, there. We got married in June, 2004. We are still living near Battle Creek; Matt continues to work at the Center, but I resigned to return to college. I am going to Grand Valley to get my teaching certificate and my Masters in Education. I had forgotten how much time classes and homework take up, but I am still finding time to run and bike. I hope everyone is doing well!

1998Heiser, Nina
12:16:02 PM
Hey everyone!! I'm here at Grand Valley, its not exactly as great as I thought it would be (those of you who have came to visit can agree with this) but i'm having fun anyway. Right now I am trying to start this history paper I have due at 10 am tomorrow morning...its not happening. If anyone is in the area, stop on by!! And if anyone has IM, my screename is ninajean10...hope everyone is doing great!!

1998Hill, Angela
Jan 24, 2008
Hello all-this is Angela Hill, still Hill lol. Geez, it has been 10 yrs since I have seen anyone really save my best friends, Margarita, Amanda or Les. I graduated from SVSU about 6yrs ago and joined the US Navy Reserves. Since joining I have been to Europe several times, and am actually serving my country now in Africa as I speak. I will be home in 2 months from deployment and look forward to acclimating back into US customs/culture. I moved from Detroit about 3 years ago and live in DC now. Mi novio y yo maybe moving to Germany-will update as I get the news. Regards- Ange

1998(McCoy) Hodges, Stacy
Jan 6, 2008
Well lets see here, since High School got over with i moved to North Caroline with my hubby Nick. He was a Marine for 5 yrs got out stayed in NC he work as an Avaiation Mech, for the millitary. We have 3 great kids Daron shes 9 yrs old Cody my son hes 8 yrs old and Logan hes 6 yrs old . Right now we are in the Army living in Fort Campbell KY, geting ready to get out( Woo Hoo)........ Went to college for a few months going for my Medical, will be back in college once we get out of the millitary and back to NC..... Dec 27 will be 10 yrs of marriage..... I have been a stay at home mom for 10 yrs, but now that all 3 of my kids are in school its time for me to do things......well i have no idea what else to im going to be done i guess, if you want to contact me heres my email and my myspace is under Nick and Stacy.....Oh ya whats going on for the 10 year, i didtn get no information for the 5 year so i hope i will get something for this one at least........

1998Houghtaling, Kara
11:35:48 AM
Well, this is the first time i've actually had a chance to visit this site. I'm currently attending Davenport University(formerly Detroit College of Business) full time and will have my degree in medical billing in two or three moresemesters. Then I plan to go on for my nursing degree at UofM. I still working at Village Printing in Lapeer full timeand live in an apartment in Davison and spend most of my time with Craig. Glad to see most everyone else is doing good.B

1998Houghton, Brent
1:05:14 PM
Hi yall! I am going to SVSU, where I study business and accounting. School is alot easier than high school but I miss high school. Hope everyone is doing well.

1998(Anderson)Howard, Megan
6:53:31 AM
Hi everyone! I have been married for two years and have a year old daughter named Mackenzie. I am also working full time and attending college. I'm going fot a degree in accounting. I'll see everyone at the reunion!

1998Howe, Andrew
Feb 19, 2008
Married for 5 years, 1 two year old son and another one on the way. Working 2 jobs and going to school for nursing. Currently living in Dayton, Oh, but want to move back to michigan once I get my degree.

1998(Whittkopf) Hurley, Tina
Mar 12, 2006
Hi, everyone.I really don't know what to say. I have been married almost 3 years to my husband, Curt. We own a house in Otter Lake. I work as a dental assistant in Lapeer and I am thinking about going back to school to get my RDA. We don't have any kids yet,our pets seem to be enough for now.I hope to hear from someone soon.

1998Irelan, Heather
5:46:03 PM
I take care of my apartment where I live with my boyfriend Shawn. I get up in the morning and right to my first job I'm a telephone operator for my boyfriends company. Then I get ready for second job where I amtitled a cashier, but I really handle all the money that comes in and outof the store. Then I come home and try to relax but by that time it's already past 1:00 A.M. Then my day starts all over again. My life couldbe so much more but I can say that I Love My Life.

1998Kavalunas, Adam
Mar 4, 2008
Time flies................Life now finds me in southwestern Utah working for the divsion of wildlife resources. My main purpose here is working with sensitive species, mostly birds, but also some work with praire dogs. As with all of the jobs i've had since college, this is only seasonal, lasting until sometime in mid fall, then probably back to michigan for the winter and who knows after that. My new aspiration in life is to one day become a full time landscape photographer. If you've ever been to Utah, you'll know why. Here's a link to some of my past work, check back in throughout the summer for new images............

1998Kingsbury, Josh
6:33:03 AM
Hi!! I am still at Northwood going through the ten year plan.

1998Kopp, Jason
Mar 15, 2007
Okay, this really needed to be updated. Now is not the time to do it ... but I can't go to sleep, so instead of packing to head out to Yosemite tomorrow morning I am updating this. I live in Monterey, CA. I have been here for almost 2 years working on my MA in Translation and Localization Management (Spanish, English) at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. More updates soon regarding jobs and what not, but basically I am trying to survive my last semester and see what happens next. I love CA and Monterey is beautiful. I wouldn't mind living somewhere a little bigger though. I started surfing ... I am not too great, but it is fun. I have seen all sorts of neat things in the water ... sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters ... luckily no sharks yet. Thare are quite a few great whites in the area. Alright, I hope everyone is doing well. We have a 10 year reunion soon, eh? Maybe I will have a real job by then. Volunteering has been fun, but I wouldn't mind making some cash. I will probably be in MI in late May/early June after graduation ... so if anyone wants to get a hold of me, send me an email. Peace.

1998(Fowler) Kramer, Melissa
Mar 3, 2014
Teaching in Ubly as the Agriscience Teacher/FFA Advisor. Married to a wonderful man, Ryan, with 2 beautiful children.

1998Lake, Nathan
Mar 12, 2006
Selling houses in Grand Blanc. Getting married June 3, 2006. Have a two year old son, Dominic.

1998Lamb, Andrew
4:00:52 PM
As of April 26, 2003, I will be a graduate of the University of Michigan with a BSE in Electrical Engineering. It's been a great ride, and now I get to look forward to finding a real job. I'll be living in Ann Arbor until the end of August and from there, who knows.... Go Blue!

Mar 12, 2006

1998Lloyd, Angela
Aug 15, 2008
Graduated with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) from the University of Minnesota in 2006, lived in CO for a short period, then moved to the Phoenix valley Jan 2007. So, I am a certified orthopedic physical therapist working mostly with sports injuries and post op cases. I love it! I am lucky to have a close relationship with many of the ortho docs in the area and regularly sit in on surgeries and shadow in the clinic. I purchased my first home about a year ago and am enjoying NOT having roommates. :) No hubby or kids yet, but I do have a 3 year old niece, a month old nephew, and another niece on the way... Recently have debated returning to school to become a physicians assistant (would love to work with an ortho doc and be first assist in surgery). Otherwise I am out running the trails, hiking, biking, or doing some type of training. Currently gearing up for marathon #4. Hope all is well!

1998Lublin, Chris "Lube"
Mar 17, 2008
Howdy. Well, I never did move to Tennessee like I said I would. After drifting from job to job for 2 years, I finally found a place and I have been with Toyo Seat in Imlay Cit since December '99. I moved out of Lapeer in 2001, and have lived in North Branch, Imlay City, Marlette, and I will soon be moving to the big metropolis of Silverwood on the Lapeer-Tuscola county line. I bought the land up there in 2001, and have been working on it since. I have done pretty much all the work and improvments on there myself except the septic. I started out by setting up an older single wide trailer to live in, but I ended up gutting it and re-modeling it. I should have my final occupancy inspection on it soon. I got my life straight with God in November of 2004, and have been striving to serve him since. Besides working for Toyo, I had a car junkyard going for a while, Tried the towing business, and I still do lots of wrenching on cars and such. I do concrete and all sorts of handy man work too. I do alot of Farming and I am setting up my place to farm, and hope to buy-rent more land in my area for crops and hay etc. I dont mess with alot of old trucks these days, but I work on alot of tractors. I have not changed much since school, I am still a ruff-and-tumble redneck country boy.

1998Luea, Joe
6:36:45 AM
Hello....My name is Joey. I used to go to Lapeer East High School. I'm thinking of droping out of school to be a full time french fry manager at a major corperation! I would really like some feedback on if you think dropping out of school is a good decision! I mean, common.......You don't get to be a Fry Manager everyday. Please e-mail me! I Love to here from everyone. And this goes out to Amanda Abby.....I do like you! I don't think any of us went out of our way to be mean to you. Maybe me, but not you.

1998Marshall, Bill
Apr 14, 2006
I am currently writing a 40 page paper and am looking for any excuse to shirk my responsibilities. In 2 weeks from right now I will be graduating with a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Eastern Michigan University and working as a psychologist somewhere until I return to school to get a PhD. If you are reading this right now you have too much time on your hands.

1998(Curtiss) Mataway, Kathleen
Apr 24, 2006
Hello Everyone! It's great to hear all the updates, so I'll add my part too. I was at Pharmacy School at Wayne State University but dropped out mid junior year because it wasn't what I wanted. In May of 2001, Kevin Mataway and I were married. We are coming up on our five year anniversary! We have two daughters. Ava, who is 4 and Lillian who is 22 months. I had pregnancy complications and a premature birth with my second daughter. If anyone's child is ever diagnosed with a coroid plexus cyst on her/his brain in utero, I'll be here for support! Things turned out great and she is a very healthy child, but it was a frightening time. After moving seven times in seven years, we bought a nice house on a quite street in Davison. We did some real-estate investing that has been a great learning experience! I enjoy staying home and raising our girls, but I would love to help other women in the way that one woman has helped me. I believe life is about choosing to use your life to touch someone elses in a way that could never have been achieved otherwise. ( I've heard that somewhere along the way). I have retured to school to finish my B.S. in maternal child health-lactation consulting. I'd like to eventually open my own practice. I've become quite "green" in the past year and do volunteer work for environmental causes, though have not yet joined an organization. I hope all is well with Everyone. Take Care!

1998Mataway, Kevin
Apr 24, 2006
Good day. Haven't checked the site for years. Glad to see there have been a lot of updates. Since high school, Kathleen Curtiss (now Mataway) and I got married on May 5, 2001. We are currently living in a nice subdivison in Davison. We have two beautiful daughters, 4 and 22 months. I graduated from Walsh College in Troy with a Bachelor in Business Administration, majoring in Finance. I've been debating about when and where to go back to get my Masters. I've been working in Commercial Banking the last five years. Currently working for Fifth Third Bank in Grand Blanc. I started out in Commercial Treasury Management, then made the move to a Commercial Credit Analyst, and now Commercial Middle Market Lender. Throughout my career, I have learned that a major part to being successful in a career, which high school does not teach, is networking. My main network groups are CPA's and attorney's (although there are many more). It's mainly about getting like minds together to help benefit eachother. If any of you have ventured in to a business/finance industry and want to meet up, shoot me an e-mail. Outside of work and the family life, I have enjoyed investing in real estate and the stock market. Wish you all the best.

1998Maxson, Beth
Mar 25, 2008
Wow- can't believe its been ten years already. After graduating from Michigan State, I moved to Norfolk, VA for about six years. I recently decided I wanted to come back to the midwest so I moved to Chicago about 6 weeks ago. I work for selling advertising, and live about two miles north of the city. The city is amazing, but I'm still adjusting to the midwest weather again! I would love to hear how everyone's lives have turned out!

1998McCabe, Naomi
Dec 23, 2004
So I needed to find the address to Lapeer East for transcripts...not expecting to find much online, I was surprised-shocked, really, to find we have a website! Tre bien! Hope everyone is having fun in life! I am in the Land of 10,000 Lakes and Vikings! The high today is 5 degrees! Brrrrrr! Minnesota-you betcha! Anyhow I am staying busy working for HealthPartners, an HMO. E-mail me! I'd love to hear what's going on! Happy holidays to all! Peace =P

1998(Rothgeb) Monti, Ashlea
Aug 18, 2005
I am not sure why I checked this website but I am a teacher with nothing else to do. So I thought I would update...yeah, I got married last october to Adam Monti whom I dated at MSU. WE moved to Chicago where I teach in the inner city at a high school on the southside. I love my job and I love living in chi-town. For the summer I am working at a restaurant/bar. No kids for awhile, can't fit them into our little condo! Hope everyone is well.

1998Moore, Melisa
May 28, 2005
I can't believe I am 25 years old, I always imagined life differently at this age. Besides suffering a mid life crisis I have been making a great effort to decide what I would like to do for the rest of my life, now that it's half over. Since High School I have moved around quite a bit (7 cities in three different states), tested several different occupations ranging from door to door art peddler to flying the not so friendly skies as a flight attendent(airline passengers can be so tempermental!) none of which were necessarily my bag, and I've managed to have a few good times in the process of it all. Currently I am a student at Middle Tennessee State University majoring in international relations, although I think of changing my major at least three times a day. Living in Tennessee is great, I am closer to my family than I have been since high school and I am always surrounded by musical talent (Who couldn't love that?). During my breaks from school I stay with my boyfriend and my 60lb puppy and a stray cat that I couldn't help but give a home to in Indianapolis. Well I suppose that is the jist of what I am doing now, it is good to see you all are doing so well, and it would be great to hear from anyone who happens to still check this website. Peace Out, Moore e-mail me!!

1998(Brown) Moore, Kristi
Jan 30, 2007
Jan 2007 :: Matt and I moved to Lansing in September, 2 miles from MSU. Matt is really busy with college ministry - enjoying teaching, leading Bible studies, meeting students, etc. I'm staying home with our daughter Kyra, 17 months old, and having a blast. It's hard to believe that we're parents, but at the same time we love it! I'm still running quite a bit. Thankfully, Kyra likes riding in the jogging stroller; she chatters almost non-stop, while i'm too out of breath to keep up my end of the "conversation." In October, Kyra and I were able to take a trip to Germany (a gift from our parents) to visit my brother, Brandon, and his family. I'm not sure if Brandon keeps up his entry (class '00) but he and his wife now have a baby, 11 mo. It was fun watching Kyra and baby Brandon interact. Hopefully i'll update this before another 2 years. Feb.2,2005 Entry :: After H.S. I went to Calvin College for a year, and then transferred to UofM. I graduated with a B.S. in Biology. Matt Moore ('97) transferred to UofM Ann Arbor the same year I did, and although the campus is enormous, we would frequently run into each other. We started dating in '02 and got married March.06.2004. If we stop and think back to high school, we would have never put the two of us together. How funny! Matt and I are in full-time college ministry with Great Commission Ministries.

1998Moran, Jeremy
Jan 21, 2008
Not much has changed. Still working with the same company, and will be back working in Lapeer very soon. I moved to Davison with my girlfriend, which has definately been a positive change. Other then that nothing, eat, hunt, fishand if there is any spare time, sleep. Hope all is well

1998Muike, Dusel
8:15:58 AM
Hey everyone, I love you all!! I sometimes wish that we could all go back to high school and live it all over again. It was the best time of my life and I think that all of you probably think the same way. I can't really cope with the real world and life in general and if it were possible to go back, I would do it in an instant. i hope that you all remember me and all of the great times that we had together. If anyone ever wants to get a hold of me and hang out sometime, please call me. I will hang out any time, any where; just shout me a hollar dog. i love you all and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think about you all. please contact me, I miss you. Muike

1998(Boger) Munday, Jeanne
Sep 29, 2006
hello "Ya'll" ha ha how funny. I have been living in Knoville TN for the last 6 years. It is wonderful.Still trying to get used to the southern lingo. Oh well i definitly have not had the exciting lives some of you had. I have been married almost 8 years now. FREAKS me out haha. I have two sons my oldest just turned seven and my youngest just turned three. My youngest was diagnosed with a rare immune disorder at four months. It is called Histiocytosis. He is at the oncologist every month for tests so no time for career or school. But it is all worth it. I hope everyone is doing well. I would love to hear from you all. Congrats nina and nate, and everyone else on their happy moments. I can't wait to see you all at the ten year reunion..(E-Mail--

1998(Boger)Munday, Jeanne
6:21:10 PM
Well, nothing really has changed to much. I live in knoxville Tennesse, with my husband and my 2 year old son.It is very beautiful. My husband is police officer for the KPD. I don't go to college. I am over 21 i don't getto party. But you know it is all still fun. It is real neat here because we have pigeon forge 20 minutes away and gatlinburg 30 minutes away. My husband and i take christian there alot and to the smokey mountains. That is about a 20 minute drive from where i live. So there is alot to do in tennessee. We are going to nashville soon to check it out. Well i know my life is definitly not as exciting as any of yours but oh well, if you don't want to be bored don't get married and have kids, then your party life is OVER. ha ha i hope i didn't scare anyone. I can't wait to see all of you at the reunion. Good luck everyone in college. ---Jeanne

1998Murphy, Lisa
2:30:16 PM
Hi, I can't believe another year is almost though! I am a stay home mommy of 1. He is the cutest boy alive! Even cuter than the crush I had all though school! (And this time I don't mean Jeromy!! Sorry Jerms) Any way I am thinking about attending Mott soon. Oh, And I am engaged. The wedding is planned for November next year. I can't wait:)

1998Niederhauser, Jason
Dec 24, 2006
Hey everyone, I hope all is well. Thankfully, things on our end continue to go well. The recent big news is that in June 06, (the former) Natalie Pagel and I married back in the church we grew-up in (1st Presbyterian in Lapeer). It was a great event and certainly past due (seeing as how we had been courting on and off for eight years). We both now live on the central Californian coast, roughly equidistant from LA and San Francisco. Natalie is working as an RN at a local hospital, and Im still in the USAF (now assigned to Vandenberg AFB this is where we launch rockets from the west coast). Were having a blast both motorcycling the vineyards & canyon country as well as continuing our legacy as band geeks (were members in a local orchestra). At any rate, wed love to hear from anyone interested in keeping in touch with us. Take care.

1998Pakulak, Glenn
Jun 28, 2007
Hey, how is everybody doing? I cannot believe how fast these last 9 years have went by! Since graduating at East I have been drifting around just about everywhere. I started out at Rochester College in Rochester Hills. After spending one year there, I elected to transfer to the University of Kentucky. I changed my major from Business Management(at Rochester) to Kinesiology and Health at UofK. I also played football at Kentucky and have been fortunate enough to be bouncing around the NFL, chasing my dream. Since coming out of college in the Spring of 2003 I have lived in Lexington, KY, Seattle WA, Pittsburg, PA, Atlanta, GA, New Orleans, LA, Tampa, FL, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Oakland, CA, Sacramento, CA, Lubbock, TX and that was just naming the places and not mentioning how many times I moved back and forth between a few of them!! I have been cut by the Seattle Seahawks, Pittsburg Steelers, Atlanta Falcons and Oakland raiders and now I am living in Nashville with the Tennessee Titans, hoping that I will finally be in the right place at the right time. It is very frustrating when you know that you are completely capable of doing something well and you just haven't been given the chance! I really feel that God has a purpose and plan for everyone, I just hope his and mine go hand in hand! hahahaha! Although I have been forced to move around alot, I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet many amazing friends as well as being able to keep in touch with my long time friends! Friends and Family are truely everything. I was also very fortunate to cross paths with the most beautiful and wonderful girl I have ever met when I was living in California a year ago and was at the Union Street Fair in San Francisco. I conned her into talking to me and a year later we are still together! The long distance can be tough at times, but they say absence makes the heart grow fonder and this is definately the case with us! I just wanted to say thanks to those who were so wonderful to me in Highschool and throughout the years. I miss everyone! Please don't ever hesitate to keep in touch! I would absolutely love to hear from as many of you as possible!

1998Perkowski, Dawn
Jul 2, 2006
Just wanted to write a quick update. Matthew Lighthill (from West, class of '99) and I got married on June 6, 2006. We spent almost a week in San Francisco and would move there in a heartbeat but ultiamtely hope to move to the metro Detroit area by next year. I will be graduating with my Master's degree in Social Work in May of 2007. I decided to do a part-time program, which has given me more time to think about my main goal and plan my PhD program. Presently, I'm interested in LGBT rights and advocacy and may pursue something on that track. Other than that, all is well. Glad to see some many people were able to escape the clutches of good-ole Lapeer.

1998Powell, Adam
12:26:31 PM
Hi my name is adam. I go to school. I have fun. I like it. High school was also fun but apparently not all of you felt the same. Sorry about your luck. I'd like to tell all you about my college experiences but some aren't as cool as the others i just read. Good luck everybody on studying, smoking, or partying, It was nice talking to everyone.

1998Redmond, Kim
1:41:10 PM
I haven't been really busy since high school. I am currently living with my soon be husband, Jason Sinclair (from Imlay City) his daughter, Kelsey and our 2 wonderful children, Brooklynn and Jacob. Jason and I are planning our wedding for June of 2005. Jason and I are also trying to decide on what style of house to build on our property in North Branch. Hope all is well with everyone.

1998Riley, Nikole
Nov 22, 2006
Well I didnt even know this site existed. So things for me have been quite an advenure. I graduated from U of M flint in 2004 with a BBA. I started my first job in lending for a company in Lapeer of all places. I worked there for about a year until I decided to make the move to Florida. I moved to Tampa Florida in Jan of 2006 and landed a job with a small bank in the area. Its been a great move for me as far as being with Meghan and my mom again. I have enjoyed FL for the most part but found myself missing home way too as of December 3 I will be back in the lovely state of MI. I must say the saying "the grass isnt always greener on the other side" is VERY true!! See ya all soon!

1998Rodriguez, Justin
5:57:27 PM
School is over and after four years I graduated with a degree in Political Science from GVSU. Seeing that there really isn't a whole lot that can be with just a degree in poli sci, I am going to be attending the University of Michigan this fall, working toward my Master's Degree in Public Policy. I will be living with my brother Nathan (LE 99') in an apartment somewhere off campus. This summer, I am working on a research project that deals with Spillovers of knowledge and Information from countries in the "South" to countries in the "North". It is pretty much my life right now outside of friends and family. I hope everyone is doing well and continues to work towards what makes them happy.

1998Schlaud, Kristen
6:41:03 PM
I am almost finished with my third year at u of d, only one semester of actual school left! Hopefully I will be spending my final semester doing an internship in Washington DC. After that I will be graduating with a degree in both political science and business. I am in the lovely lapeer area most weekends and am dreading the possibility that I may be spending yet another summer there. Detroit is pretty scary (especially my neighborhood) but it kinda grows on you after a while. Best of luck to everyone!

1998Schmidt, Erin
6:53:08 AM
Hello everyone, it has been awhile since I last updated my news. I am now living in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been here for almost a year now. I love it, I am minutes away from the beach and downtown. I am also now attending law school. Yes, law school. I have been working with a law firm and they have offered me to go back to school so I took the chance. For those who do not know, I am now ENGAGED. Yep, I am engaged to Bill Delmar, the guy I have been with for 2 years now, he is a career navy pilot. He is wonderful. We are getting marriend May 3, 2003 at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. It was his one wish since he went to school there. I cannot believe it but we are all excited. After we get married he leaves again for 6 months then we leave to move to Italy. We are going to live in Naples, Italy for 2 1/2 years then back to Jacksonville, or Maryland not sure yet. But it is fun. I hope everyone is doing well. I can't believe it has been almost five years since we graduated. How things change. Well I hope everyone is well and keep in touch. Come visit in Italy.

1998Schroeder, Rachel
6:07:41 PM
Hello everyone! I hope all is well! I graduated with a BA in Sociology and English from Western Michigan University in December of 2001. Since my graduation I worked at the library at WMU while also working for a professor in the sociology dept. as a TA. I also have been working on research on the Soviet Gulag and the Holocaust. I will be attending the graduate program in Sociology at the University of Michigan in the Fall of 2002. My major area will probably be Comparative-Historical Sociology, but I am not completely sure yet. I received a Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowship, so I will be studying the Russian language, society and culture along with my studies in sociology. I plan to obtain a doctorate in Sociology and teach and do research at the university level (basically, I want to get paid to read, write, and teach). That is about it... (Boring isn't it?)

1998Schroeder, Rachel
May 6, 2007
I totally forgot this page was here--and I don't remember writing anything on it before... I must be getting old...haha. Well, I'm still pursuing my Ph.D. in Sociology and a Certificate in Russian and East European Studies at U of M Ann Arbor. And yes, this is as boring as it sounds. And yes, Ph.D.s do take forever--mine will be 7 years (+ one I took off). The most exciting thing about it is that I have had the awesome opportunity to visit about a dozen countries since I left our beloved East. I lived in St. Petersburg, Russia for over a year, and I will be returning to Russia in February to begin my dissertation research. I'd tell you what my research is about, but you'd all fall asleep two words in... I'll try and make it sound exciting though by telling you it deals with the Gulag and that I'll be living on the western edge of Siberia. (So, for any of you who would have liked to see me exiled to Siberia in our high school days, your dreams have come true!) I don't have a marriage to report--you all make me feel old and very single. My days are filled with reading, writing, and my passion--teaching. I echo the others that have said "thank you" to our teachers--now that I've been doing it, I realize how hard it truly is. I hope all of you are well! Best wishes!

1998Schrot, Jenna
7:20:57 AM
Hi there everyone,Well it's been quite awhile since the last time we were all together. It's amazing how the time seems to fly by. I hope everyone is doing well. I've been busy for the past four years going to CMU and loving it. I just graduated this May in Communication and Business Administration....what I'm going to do with it...I'm trying to find out. I've decided to take a few months to travel and just have some fun before the working world begins. Just to let you know that the five year reunion is coming up next year, and I've started working on the plans for it. If anyone has any suggestions...please feel free to contact e-mail address is would love to hear from you and would appreciate your suggestions. I hope that a lot of you are going to plan on coming. It will be a great time to catch up on what everyone has been up to for the past few years. I hope that everything continues to go well for all of you. Please let me know if addresses, phone numbers, or any other contact info has changed so that we can send reunion information your way next summer. Take care !!!!

1998Schultz, Marissa
5:19:57 PM
Hey everyone, I haven't done this in awhile. I'm still out here in Colorado. For all my friends I would like to say I told you so when I did not come back in 3 months. It has now been 3 YEARS! Ah. Crazy! I hope you are all doing well in your lives. Most of you shoule be graduated. I stopped going to the University of Colorado, b/c they do not have my major and will be transfering nest spring(hopefully) out to SDSU, San Diego State University, in California. Yep, no more cold weather for me for a long time. I will hopefully be able to double major in Nutrition and Kiniesiology. I am also right now working on becoming an aerobics instructor, so California will be perfect for me. Other than that I have been just enjoying myself out here with all my friends and my new boyfriend Aaron. Hope to see some of you when I come back in November for Jean's wedding!

1998(Walrath)Spencer, Crystal
4:20:27 PM
well, lets see i am doing better now i have moved to South Lyon, mi by novi,and wixom.i have moved in with my husband and his dad . he's dad is helping us out by saving some money. so i am doing alot better since the last time.. i hope all is well with the rest of you guys and think that we all ned to find some time to update our news about us all.

1998Stover, Carl
Aug 9, 2004
I am currently living in Flint with my girlfriend Jill Coleman(a 1997 lapeer West Grad.)and her 4 yr. old son, Alexander. I am still working at our neighborhood grill and bar-the ever famous Lapeer Applebees. I am a line cook and aserver. I moved to Fort Worth Texas for 9 months but I came back to finish school. I have 3 more classes left. I hope to move back to texas in the near future and open my own club. Life is good!

1998Sturm, Leah
1:07:25 PM

1998(Dice) Swarthout, jennifer
Jul 22, 2008
After attending college at CMU I married a wonderful man and his three children. We have added two children to the brood making an amazing five. I am currently working full time as a customer service representative while taking full time credits at an online university.

1998(Gizinski)Thompson, Jean
3:41:33 PM
Life is good! It is hard to believe that our five year reunion is coming up this summer. It will be nice to see everyone and to catch up on where everyone is in their lives. I am living in Muncie Indiana. After graduating from Huntington College, Huntington Indiana, in May 2002 I did not think that I would stay in Indiana but alas, I am here. I graduated with a BS degree in Business Education. I am currently teaching seventh grade compter applications at North Side Middle School in Muncie. Middle school students are a piece of work, let me tell you. At first I hated teaching but now I am beginning to love it. Going to school each and every day makes me realize how much teachers really do care about their students and how much work they have to do. So, any teacher that reads this...Thank you for all that you do!! Besides teaching I am happliy married to Tim Thompson. We met during college and got married November 23, 2002. Married life is differnt from single life but it is a lot of fun. Tim is a student life counselor at a school for gifted and talented juniors and seniors in high school. With his job he has to live in the dorm with his students so our first apartment together is in a dorm with 200 high school students. It's quiet an adventure. We don't have a kitchen, but we are surviving. Other than that not too much else is going on. I look forward to seeing many of you at the reunion!

1998Toth, Erik
6:28:40 AM
Hello everyone! Well, I've returned to MSU for another year and so far it is great. I am living in an apartment off-campus which is an intersting experince in itself. Right now I am a telecommunication major focusing on Media Arts (Movies, TV, Radio). It is a very fun and intersting major. Actually I am supposed to be studying for two exams I have tomorrow but I figured it will be hard to learn 5 weeks worth of info in a couple of hours. Other than that things are pretty low key around here. If anyone is in E.L. look me up. I guess that's it. I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am. SEEYA!

1998Tucker, Joyce
Dec 4, 2007
Wow, its been a while since I've been on this site! Matt and I now live just outside of Fort Myers, Florida--near the gulf. Life has taken a huge change for me in the past couple of years. I graduated from Oakland Univerisity with a BA in broadcast journalism and was working at Fox 2 for quite some time. I loved it there...needless to say I was able to meet a lot of interesting people. I owe a lot of my growing up to the people I worked with there. But then, life throws you a curve ball and the next thing I know I left the station (and the bank) and switched careers. I decided to go into the teaching field. I now teach 7th grade English to a bunch of middle schoolers and was just nominated for teacher of the year. My biggest challenge here is that some of my students don't speak English. I have struggled to remember the stuff from Spanish class...but it's coming back to me. I have also decided to go back for my masters at FGCU and occasionally I go into the local community college and speak to the careers class about broadcasting. Matt and I just celebrated our 7th year together. We just love living near the water! We're trying to get into scuba diving...we have lessons lined up, but I'm not sure. We do the kayaking and canoeing thing but not too sure about scuba...we'll see. Anyways, I'm glad to hear everyone's doing great. If your ever in Florida...look me up!

1998(Nicholes) Walker, Kelly
Mar 29, 2008
I am married to an awesome man, Clint Walker. We got married on Valentine's Day in 2000. We have 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy. My husband is a Certified Minister with the Assemblies of God and we are youth Pastors in Clarkston. I am a stay at home mom and love every minute of it. My current email address is

1998Warford, Michael
1:28:52 PM
Hi, I'm working full time with my dad and partner. They own a heating and cooling co.I've started my own lawn mowing business, also.That keeps me busy......I've got a girlfriend. Carmin....I'll be back here in 6 months or so and update again......Later, Mike.

1998Weber, Matthew
7:05:44 AM
Well, what can I say? I still live in lovely Lapeer, but I am currently attending Baker University. Which is a result from a recent transferal from U of M flint. I've been working at Boulder Pointe golf course in Oxford for the last few years and have really enjoyed the opportunity to work outside. I've been dating my wonderful girlfriend Laura for what has been about four years now and things are still going great. Here at Baker I am studying Drafting and Design Technology, in persuit of a job in CAD design. Life has been pretty good to me after high school and I could only hope I has been the same for all of you. I would love to here from some of you. So drop me an email. Take care and God Bless!

1998Wencley, Melissa
3:28:47 PM
All is well with me! On may 8, 2004 I will finally be graduating from Central Michigan University with a degree in secondary education with Health and Physical Education emphasis. Curently, I have been job hunting and working on my teacher portfolio. My boyfriend Greg and I have been together now for three years and we just bought a new house in Dryden. I hope all is well with everyone!

1998(Murphy)Wilcox, Lisa
3:40:20 PM
Wow! I haven't been here in a while. Congratulations to everyone who is gratuating or already has!! I personally have never continued with school, although I am thinking about going back to study business or something. We sold our first house to Laci Green and have since moved to Mayville with my husband and son. (and if you think there is nothing to do in Lapeer:) I got married a little over a year ago. Hopefully with any luck I will be taking EMT classes out here so I can meet more people in my area. I hope everything goes well for you all.

1998Wilcox, Benjamin
Mar 25, 2005
I am currently employed by the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study at the University of Georgia as a Research Technician. My work mainly is in the field taking samples for West Nile Virus, Avian Vacuolar Myelinopathy, Avian Influenza, and Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease (along with helping on a few other projects). I graduated from Lake Superior State University in 2003 with a major in Fisheries and Wildlife Management. I married my wife, Kristine, on April 24, 2004 and we bought a house in July in Athens, GA. I am planning to attend the University of Georgia for a master's degree prgram within the next couple of years as well.

1998Williams, David
Aug 16, 2007
I am currently the Information Technology Manager responsible for 6 locations in the NAFTA region for HBPO North America based in Troy, MI. Crystal and I still live in Lapeer and are loving every minute of life with our three beautiful children. We have 2.5 yr old twin girls, Lindsay and Mackenzie, and our newest addition this February, Kimberly. I also run a side business out of my home servicing residential and businesses IT needs. I have a website offering my services if you know anyone interested. See you all at the 10 year!

1998Wood, Christina
4:01:21 PM
hi hi

1998Wood, Christina
Jan 12, 2006
Hi all! Well since graduating highschool, I graduated from Kettering University with a BS in Mechanical Engineering in 2003. Currently working back in lapeer at a company called ZF Lemforder as a Supplier Qualty Engineer, I am really enjoying my job and can thank Brian Ernst for helping me get the job. Living in Auburn Hills with my boyfriend, having fun enjoying life. I live really close to the Palace so i anyone has any extra Piston tickets or concert tickets and need someone to go just let me know!! :) it's too bad more people don't put updates more often but it is good to see some people do :) Well anyone is more than welcomed to email me to say hi Take Care!

1998(Craig) Wright, Lisa
Jan 9, 2006
Since graduating from East in 1998. I graduated from UofM-Flint on April 30, 2003 with my Bachelor of Science in Clinical/Community Psychology. I recently graduated from UofM-Ann Arbor (Dec. 17, 2004) with my Master of Social Work. Since January 2, 2005 I have been working at Nalo Therapy Center in Lapeer (I came back to my hometown!!) as a Clinical Social Worker. I have my limited license until I have 2 years more year to go!! And I got married to my soulmate and best friend on September 17, 2005. I am now Mrs. Wright all the time!!! :) The only other thing I have to say is GO BLUE!!! (And go Eagles!)

1998Zdroik, Erika
4:19:54 PM
Hello everyone! After 4 exciting years at CMU, I graduated in May 2002 with a BSBA in Management Information Systems. I'm now living in Midland and working as an Information Systems Auditor for The Dow Chemical Company. I'm looking forward to the many opportunities for international travel that come with being an auditor. Best of luck to everyone in all that you're doing!

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