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2004Arnold, Heather
Mar 26, 2006
I work two jobs to uphold the expenses of my apartment. Tim Richie's parents are planning to help us get into our first house and get out of our apartment. College is coming very soon!!!

2004Bogert, Emily
Nov 28, 2005
I am currently working in Rochester Hills at Tropical Squeeze Cafe' (at the Rochester Village mall.) I took the last semester off to give myself some time to find out what I want out of life and school. Next semester I will be attending OCC in Auburn Hills and Royal Oak. Hopefully within the next month or so I will be moving to an apartment in Royal Oak with my friend Ellen. It's weird how grown up we have to become after graduation. What a wake up call.

2004Bonesteel, Janna
Mar 29, 2009
It's been awhile since I've updated this! I graduated from MSU last May and currently work in Baltimore, Maryland at Johns Hopkins University. This fall I'm headed back to school for a Master's in Clinical Psychology at Towson University in Maryland. It looks like I'll be on the east coast for a couple more years at least! I really love it out here and if you're ever out in this area, let me know!

2004Bright, Theresa
Apr 12, 2009
update: So I finally graduated from GVSU in January and then decided I was bored/too cold in Michigan so I moved to Costa Rica! I love it here, every day I wake up in the tropics and see palm trees in a land where burger king delivers via motorcycle and i am a beloved minority with blonde hair, a machita!! I am now a travel consultant for Costa Rican Vacations, a sweet company with people working for them from all over the world. If you ever need a tropical getaway or honeymoon, give me a call! I will set you up in the sweetest places! I love my job and the people I work with. I also love all my friends here that have come to be a second family. People ask me if I'll ever move back to the states, and I think probably some day, but I am not sure when! I am quite comfortable here, and I like being in somewhere different, and learning the culture and language. Its a very peacefu, beautiful country and its people are happy :) ps I love visitors! If it sounds like a place youd like drop me a line on facebook or email!! Also, if you want me to set up a vacation for you call me at 1 800 606 1860 ext 208 or email me

2004Brown, Stacie
Aug 1, 2007
Hey guys! I saw this and thought I would give a quick update. Since graduation I have been really busy, I did a year in college and then I foud out I was going to be a mom. I am now the mother of a 13 month old little boy, Ryan Jr. He is amazing. His father and I are planning our wedding for May of 2008. I am currentley a wairtess at Big Big in Oxford. If any of you want to get ahold of me you can contact me at the oh so popular Myspace, lol! www.myspace/staceoozles

2004Brown, Duane
Feb 19, 2008
I work at the University of Detroit-mercy Dental School, Where I am an information technician at their satellite campus in the University Health Center at Detroit Receiving hospital, I am attending college part time for now at UofD. I live in Rochester Mi.

2004Burgeson, Erin
Jan 30, 2007
Just thought I would put an update up here. I'm in my 3rd year at Central Michigan University. I'm majoring in Marketing with a concentration in communications and selling. I am also minoring in Advertising. I am expected to graduate in August of 2008. It's getting scary that I don't have too much longer until I am out in the real world. Currently, I am working at a tanning salon up in Mount Pleasant, and I am enjoying it. I have a great boyfriend of two years, and I have made some of the greatest friends in my sorority, Phi Mu. Life has been great and it keeps getting better!! :)

2004Carleismo, Nick
Sep 10, 2010
I'm still rocking, which is more than a lot of people can say.

2004Chrisman, David
Jul 24, 2006
Hey all! I am currently enlisted in the U.S Air Force and I am stationed at Moody Air Force Base in Georgia. I live in Valdosta, GA, and life is great! I am an Aircraft Fuel Systems Tech, it is an awesome career. I deploy to the desert sometime in March 2007. I am currently married to Amy Nicole, the most amazing woman ever! I have a son that is due the end of August, his name will be Jayden! I bought my first brand new vehicle in June, and man is it nice. to Stokes and Richards, you have my utmost respect and great thanks for serving our country with honor! I miss alot of people from school but life goes on, people get busy schedules things happen. I attended U of M Flint for a semester, joining Theta Chi Fraternity while I did. Then I transfered over to Baker for a while studying CAD, now my education is paid for 100%. I wish everyone the best of luck and see everyone at the reunion!

2004(De-Nise) De-Nise, Ashley
Jun 20, 2005
Hey everyone!! I hope all is well. I am not currently attending college but will be in the Fall. I am still undecided as to what I will study, but for now I gotta do the basics. I am currently living in an apartment in Lake Orion with Andrew Trottier. We are planning on getting married on April 8th, 2006. How exciting!!!! Life's been kinda crazy since I have gotten out of high school but I am happy and excited to see where the future takes me. Congratulations to those of you completing your first year of college. What an experience huh!? Well best wishes to all of you and good luck with all that you do!

2004Friedle, Steven (Chris)
Jul 30, 2008
I finally got things straight, and now I am a US Air Force Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, High-Yield Explosives (CBRNE) warfare/weapons technician, DoD/FEMA Certified Emergency Manager, and a Volunteer Firefighter/Medic while I am off duty. I volunteered and was accepted for another tour in Iraq, and will be leaving shortly. After I get back next summer, I will be testing to join The Bravest (FDNY) up in NYC. I am currently nearing the completion of my B.S. in Strategic Intelligence, with a focus on CBRNE Counter-proliferation.

2004Friedli, Shanna
Jan 26, 2007
Saw this and thought I'd add to it. I am living on my own in Lapeer, over downtown. I do professional lighting and sound effects. I am also doing the modeling for body modification. Doing some work for Tattooed Chics. That's about it.

2004Giddings, Jessica
Oct 4, 2006
Hey everyone! Life has changed a lot since high school. I've attended UM-Flint for going on 3 years now. Right out of high school I moved to good ole' Charter Oaks in Davison, but am now living in Windsor Place, though looking for a house, with my 5 month old daughter Halee and Nick.(The same guy I've been with since the end of junior year! seems like forever haha) We are planning on getting married Sept 2007. Hope all is well for everyone!

2004Goss, Amanda
Sep 30, 2004
Hi everyone, I am currently attending Mott comunity College. It will be ok for the first year but then i will be out of their. I am trying to get into the mcc symphony band. I have 3 classes in flint and one in Lapeer for a total of 12 creadit hours.

2004Guerra, Ryan
Nov 6, 2008
Hello everyone, Just dropping a quick line...I currently work for an industrial automation group of emerson called ASCO Numatics as a product coordinator, and I am finishing up my degree at Baker college in Auburn Hills. Take care class of 2004.

2004Hainds, Mary
Aug 25, 2005
Hello all! I just finsihed up my first year at World Revival School of Ministry in Kansas City, MO. It was a fantastic year. I'm really glad I decided to listen to God and not do whatever I wanted and come here. Life has not just gotten better but it has changed!

2004Harley, Amber-Dawn
Sep 22, 2007
After sitting for 2 1/2 years in a university classroom and realizing that I wasted time, money, and almost three years of not pursuing my dreams, I decided to go to Film School, where I am currently attending and loving every second of. I have my own production company called Lights Out Productions. You can also now find me on the Internet Movie main focus right now is the horror genre, but currently I am writing a comedy, but still very much me at the same time. In March I will helping with Cinematography on a feature that is being shot here in Detroit, a horror film, for its reshoots and final cuts. Next year my hope is to be working full-time for Lions Gate Ent, and hopefully basing myself in North Carolina, which believe it or not is the mecca of the film world. They are the company that specializes in the "Saw" franchise. Currently, I am living in Port Huron, with my boyfriend Andrew (who is the greatest gift life has presented thus far), with our cats. I am a manager at Blockbuster Video, and I also am a Projection Technician for Goodrich Entertainment. In a nutshell, my life is pretty spectacular. You can reach me on The Facebook, or, which is my filmmaker page.

2004(Svoboda) Hirt, Tygar
Jan 27, 2010
I live in North Branch with my husband Levi and our daughter Paityn. She is the greatest thing I could ever do with my life. I work at the courthouse in Caro.

2004hollis, brooke
Sep 23, 2008
2008-Present: I am currently in graduate school at Southeast Missouri State University. I am in a general English master's program. So far I'm loving it. I am also a TA and am teaching several sections of freshman composition--it pays my entire tuition, so woohoo for free degrees! :) 2004-2008: Hello all! I am currently a student at Lyon college in Batesville Arkansas. I am also the highland dance instructor, which has been going great! I am planning on double majoring in English and Costume design/make-up design with a minor in Scottish Heritage. Probably the only place in the world that offers a scottish heritage degree is right here in Batesville AR! I have about 20 dedicated and lovely dancers under my instruction. I have been traveling with the bagpipe band a lot, whenever they need me to play the harp or dance for a performance. This year we are scheduled to travel to Mardi Gras (to pipe and dance in their parade!), Scotland (for the world highland games), possibly New York City (for their anual tartan day parade). Things are just great here in general. I love the professors and am really enjoying all of my classes. Would love to hear from you all ( or y'all down here in Arkansas). Feel free to contact me anytime! Hope all goes well for you this year!

2004Hughes, Stephanie
Nov 21, 2005
I am currently in rehab since my accident in 2004. I was walking home and was hit from behind by a pick up with a snow plow blade. I lost my right leg, left kidney and have several serious health problems now. I only attened East for a year but will always remember my time there.

2004Jostock, Jennifer
Jun 19, 2008
Graduated from Michigan State with a BA in Marketing.

2004King, Shane
Mar 3, 2014
I am married living in lapeer with my wife kelly and my daughter maycea and my two step kids lexi and andrew.

2004Landis, Ashley
Sep 21, 2005
Hello everyone! I am in still in tampa florida. I am engaged now and who knows when the wedding will be. I am still in the same job profession. but I am now a assistant manager at the agency I work at, taking care of mentally hanicapped kids and adults. I currently visted michigan again got to see lots of people I haven't seen in a long time. well I hope all is well with everyone. ashley

2004Legg, Ashley
Oct 20, 2004
Right now I am currently attending Baker college, I am majoring in radilogic technology. After I get my associates I plan on transfering to Calhoun College in Alabama. I like most of my Instructors but my medical term. instructor is bi-polar.:) I am working full time at JoAnn fabrics and going to school full time, its a lot but I LOVE IT.

2004(Jenkins) Lindquist, Lauren
Mar 3, 2014
Hello Class of 2004! I graduated from Ferris State University in May 08' with my BS in Marketing. I moved out to California immediately afterwards with my Sister, Alison (Class of 05'). I met a great guy from Texas, Paul, whom I married 4 years later on June 30th 2012. I currently hold an Office Management/Event Coordinating job at a Digital Media Investment Bank in Santa Monica. Paul and I reside in Culver City at the moment and are looking for new opportunities to move out of state in the upcoming years. I can't believe it has almost been 10 years......Wow! See you at the Reunion!

2004Miller, Meghann
May 14, 2006
Hey Everyone! I'm still in Lapeer living at home and working full time. I am currently attending UofM Flint. I am majoring in nursing with a minor in business. Weird combo I know. I am still working full time at Roosters in Lapeer cutting hair. I finished my instructors courses through Grondins College of Cosmetology and have an instructing license now. Probably be seeing everyone around Lapeer this summer. Have a great Summer!!!

2004Pascarella, Christina
Oct 18, 2004
Hey everyone! I'm having a great time here at U of M - Ann Arbor. I'm currently a Pre-Education major, and in four years will have a degree in Elementary Education. I love the campus, our huge dorm, and all three of my roommates(Celeste, Kirsten, and Sara)! I also work at Jimmy John's, where you can find the best sandwiches that money can buy! If anyone ever wants to chat, drop me a line. My e-mail address is I hope everyone is having a great time at college!

2004Paul, Nick
Sep 30, 2004
Im at Saginaw Valley working on my Criminal Justice Degree. My activities include parties, parties, and more parties. In a few years you might see me in a cop car, whether it is in the front seat or the back is yet to be determined. Peace

2004(Quick) Quick, Amber
Nov 19, 2004
I am currently pregnant with my first child and am getting married in June of next year. After my baby is born, I plan on studying an apprenticeship under Mrs. Cheryl Cowsert of Caro in beauty and cosmetology.

2004(Zuehlk) Quillen, Kelly
Nov 25, 2006
Life has definately changed since high school! Just thought I'd post an update. I'm still working as a CNA at Lapeer County Medical Care Facility, (been working there since 8th grade.) About six months after graduating, I bought a house in Flint and I got married on November 12, 2005. We just celebrated our first anniversary a couple weeks ago. He's in the teacher program at UofM and only has about a year left. Once he's out, I plan on working a little less and going on to be an RN.

2004Richards, Tony
Jul 9, 2006
Im currently in the marine corps infantry defending our country for the people i love. i leave for malasia next month (aug) and then i go to Iraq in march. after the marine corps who knows. i am married to the most beautiful perfect women in the world Karen Richards aka karen angell i love you baby! well hope to see everyone around sometime and good luck to all!

2004Rodriguez, Rene
Feb 12, 2008
I just graduated in Decemeber, 2007 from Michigan State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Social Sciences, Public Policy and Sociology. I recently moved to Washington, DC and now reside in Arlington VA. I have been working at my first "real" job at a non profit organization, Association of Reproductive Health Professionals (ARHP). You can find info about the organization at We your best resource for trusted medical education and information on reproductive & sexual health. I am the education assitant and I am in charge of managing the placement of continued medical education (CME) programs across the country. We educate medical students, residents, physicians, PAs, nurses, educators, you name it. So for all you Doctors, nurses, PAs, medical educators, contact me if you want information about trainings!

2004Schneider, Andrew
Oct 10, 2004
Hey everyone! I am currently attending the University of Florida in sunny Gainesville, Florida. My career path is pre-medical studies; however, I have not chosen a major as of fall '04. My activities include going to the gyms on campus, taking long road runs, going to dance clubs and bars, studying...a lot, and playing in club and intramural sports. Lately I've been very busy training for next year's football team (I had an interview with the Gator's assistant coach and scored a tryout in January '05). So until then, my life's going to be a lot of training, extra-curricualar clubs, volunteering at Shand's Medical Hospital, and schoolwork. If anyone is visiting Florida - especially the Orlando area - I encourage you to contact me so that we can get together. I look forward to seeing all of my old friends when I return during winter break this year. Study hard guys!

2004Seagraves, Katie
Nov 28, 2004
Hey Everyone! I am just finishing up my first semester here at Lansing Community College. The atmosphere is great and I love it. At first it all came as a shock to me: living on my own. I am extremely busy everyday. I am studying Education and plan to be a high school psychology teacher and coach softball! I have all morning classes which is nice and then I work in the fitness center at LCC. Its an easy job but it pays well and goes along with my schedule. I have been having softball practices everyday sense I graduated from high school. At times its so tiring I can barely walk up the three flights of stairs to my apartment but in the will be worth it! I am looking forward to Christmas break to see my family ( which i dont get to see very often ) and all of my friends! Seniors- Good Luck with the rest of your year and cherish it, for it flys by!

2004Stokes, Cory
Dec 12, 2005
I've been in the army a little over a year now. It's a lot of fun. I fly remote control spy planes. It's amazing the things you get to do in the army. I graduated airborne school and now I'm in the 82nd airborne division.

2004Wagner, Lindsay
Sep 24, 2004
Hey there! I am currently a freshman at Alma College, majoring in English with an emphasis on Secondary Education. I love it here at Alma! It is a pretty small school, but it makes it so easy to get to know people...and regardless of what people may say, there is a lot going on outside of CMU is only minutes away! I'm taking 19 credits as of now, and I am playing in the drumline, which is fun, but for a non-music major like myself, it is a lot of work. I'm not really sure if I'll stick with it, but I guess we'll see what happens. I am looking into the tennis program, which is very exciting for me. If I don't stick with drumline, I will most likely join the team. But, I'm sure that the team won't compare to Coach Rod and the Lapeer East girls! As of today I still feel like I am at a camp or something. There is so much freedom-- It's really amazing. I was pretty nervous when I left for school, but once I got here I realized that everyone was at the same place and feeling the same way, and now weeks have passed and things are as good as ever! I've met so many great people here and I'm very happy with the choice I made of attending Alma. If anyone has any questions, please drop me a line. I would love to talk to you about this place! I hope that everyone at East has a great year, especially you seniors! It will be over before you know it... Enjoy it!

2004Wardlaw, Amanda
May 19, 2006
So... Life has really changed since High School!!! I have a 18 month old Daughter, Kaytn, who I love and adore! I finished "beauty school" last Feb. and work at the Limelight Salon in Lake Orion for about a year then desided that I need to get real job! So here I am at the Lovely LA View... My job is great now... I love the people I work with and all the cool and interesting people I get to meet! I am engaged to the most wonderful man on the planet..Dan Rohn and we are getting married August 12th of this year! I can't wait!!! If anyone needs to place a ad, I am your women! Drop in and see me!!!

2004Wojcik, Grace
Nov 9, 2011
In May 2008 I graduated from Michigan State University with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Science: Public Policy Studies and Sociology. I lived in Minneapolis for a year and decided I missed the Mitten too much so I moved back. I'm currently a second year grad student at Oakland University. I will graduate in May 2012 with a masters in public administration. I also work at Oakland as the Coordinator of the University's Gender & Sexuality Center. My fiancé Jessica and I are getting married next August. Life is good, but definitely busy! I hope each of you are well. Can you believe it's been 7 years?!

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